13 Times BLACKPINK’s Jennie Was Absolutely Savage As F*ck

Lisa always gets burned.

1. When she might as well have called Jisoo “stupid”

2. When she came up with this birthday present idea for Lisa

During a live broadcast, Jennie asked fans if they had any suggestions for what Jennie could give Lisa for her birthday. She jokingly told them, “I was planning on giving her a big slap in her face. No, I’m kidding.”

3. When she gave Lisa attitude…

4. …then refused to laugh along with her.

5. When she threatened to immortalize Rosé’s embarrassing moment

6. When she interrupted Lisa’s storytime

Jennie might not care about Lisa’s hamsters, but BLINKs do!

7. When she teamed up with Jisoo to diss Lisa’s hair

8.  When she was the perfect Elsa

When BLACKPINK was singing a song from Frozen, Jennie vehemently told Lisa that she did not want to build a snowman with her.

When it came time to say “go away Anna”, Jennie changed the lyrics to  “go away Lisa”. Not nice!

9. When she reacted this way to Lisa’s kiss

Lisa lovingly kissed Jennie’s cheek after singing Tangled‘s “I See the Light”. Jennie rejected her maknae‘s love with a loud “aarrghhhh” sound.

10. When she wouldn’t let Jisoo have any fun

At an awards show, Jennie moved all of the water bottles away from Jisoo to prevent her from playing with them.

11. When she refused to do this fan-service for BLINK

12. When she imitated Lisa’s “no”

Jennie and Lisa said “aniyo” (아니요) back and forth to each other until they sounded like the seagulls from Finding Nemo:Mine! Mine! Mine!”

13. When she questioned this Knowing Bros. cast member’s knowledge of geography


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