13 Times BLACKPINK Proved They Have The Most Killer Bone Structure

Their jawlines are SHARP.

BLACKPINK is constantly praised for their visuals, and for good reason. With their high cheekbones and symmetrical faces, the members are naturally gorgeous.

Check out some photos below that prove their beautiful bone structure!

1. Rosé’s jawline could cut someone

2. Also Jisoo’s!

3. Jennie’s face makes her look even sweeter

4. Face masks conform to Lisa’s face like nobody’s business

5. Rosé can stop traffic with her looks

6. Her face is symmetrical AF

7. We could study Jisoo’s bone structure all day

8. Lisa has a tiny, tiny face

9. Jennie can pull off any concept with her visuals

10. Again, did you see Lisa’s tiny, tiny face?

11. Jisoo’s jawline is a powerful thing

12. Rosé is just plain gorgeous

13. Really, just look at them!

BLACKPINK is a killer visual group!