13 Times BTS’s Rap Line Stunned Us With Their Top-Notch Visuals

Talented AND handsome 🥰

BTS‘s rap line—which consists of RM, Suga, and J-Hope—receives tons of praise for their rapping, but their visuals deserve a mention too! Whether they’re bare faced in front of the camera or performing in front of thousands of fans, they always look stunning. Read on to see over ten times they blew us away with their handsome visuals!

1. When they took a wallpaper-worthy picture backstage

2. When they performed in a concert

3. When they took a selfie in ISAC

4. When they looked hotter than fire

5. When they looked dashing in classic suits

6. When they wore colorful outfits

7. When they all wore white button-down shirts

8. When they looked adorable in pink, green, and purple

9. When their swag was almost palpable

10. When they all looked so good

11. When they melted ARMYs’ hearts with their smiles

12. When they took this family photo

13. When they proved that all BTS members are stunning