13 Times BTS V Was 100% Actually You

Everyone has a little V inside of them and this proves it.

1. This is you, weighing the pros and cons of going to see the whole family for the Holidays.

2. And this is you, getting too much love from the family once you’re there.

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3. You, trying not to scream at the forced conversation at the dinner table.

4. You, pretending to eat just to get the family off your cases for not trying everything.

5. You, messing around with your little cousins and the babies in the family.

6. You, not realizing that you’re saying the wrong thing, at the wrong place, and the wrong time.

7. You, after finishing up a fat meal and getting early signs of food coma.

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8. You, not knowing what’s happening but trying to keep it positive.

9. You, feeling the music touch your soul and needing to express it immediately.

10. You, letting everyone know who’s in the building.

11. You, not knowing what is going on in life but being ok with it.

12. And you, seeing someone across the room crushing on you and finding them kind of cute.

13. You, when everything is just going wrong with the day and dammit.