13 Times K-Pop Stylists Made Their Idols’ Skirts Way Too Short

These skirt were just a little too short.

Whether it’s summer or winter, skirts are an essential part of a girl group’s stage outfit. As more and more groups debut, it seems like skirts are also becoming shorter and shorter.

Many stylists have been able to find the perfect balance between sexy and safe, but there are some times where the skirts were too short, showing off a little more than they’d hoped.

1. Year 7 Class 1 Minju

2. BESTie Haeryung

3. AOA Seolhyun

4. ChoA

5. Apink Naeun

6. Yoo Ara


8. Girl’s Day Sojin

9. Dasom

10. Lovelyz Mijoo

11. Hello Venus Nara

12. Cosmic Girls Cheng Xiao

13. Red Velvet Irene