13 Times Nayeon Made You Forget She’s Actually The Group’s Oldest Member

Everyone treats her like a baby, but don’t let that fool you.

TWICE‘s Nayeon has a brand new nickname, “Mat-nae (맏내)”, which turns out to be exactly what she is. A combination of Korean words “Mat-unnie (맏언니, oldest sister)” and “Maknae (막내, youngest sibling)”, a “matnae” is someone who has all the traits of a youngest baby member, but is actually the oldest. What better word to describe Nayeon than this?


1. When Nayeon turned into a Dahyun’s puppy.


2. When Nayeon was over powered by Jeongyeon…


3. … and even by the real maknae, Tzuyu.


4. When Nayeon adorably couldn’t figure out this toy for the life of her!


5. When TWICE won Triple Crown and Nayeon bawled like a baby.


6. … and the members rushed to comfort her!


6. When Nayeon looked like an awkward turtle.

… while the actual maknaes Chaeyoung and Tzuyu walked the hall like a runway!


7. When Nayeon turned into a squishy toy.


8. When Tzuyu had complete control over Nayeon.


9. Tzuyu and Nayeon are just twins. No seniority here!


10. When the Nayeon was being cute in front of Chaeyoung.


11. Even the TWICE members treat her like the baby!


12. When she turned into a baby doll.


13. When Nayeon “kookookaka-ed” and owned the aegyo game forever