13 Times Romantic K-Pop MVs Were Way Darker Than You Expected

Sometimes K-Pop isn’t all rainbows and happiness.

1. Red Velvet – “Peek-A-Boo”

Red Velvet switched from a light, cute look to a mature, gothic one for “Peek-A-Boo”. Nothing says “romance” like straight razors, dangerous projectiles, kidnapped pizza boys, and a deadly game of peek-a-boo…right?


2. VIXX – “Scentist”

This video gives off a romantic yet sinister vibe, but it gets even darker once you know that it’s based on the book Perfume: The Story of a Murderer. The novel is about a perfumer with an exceptional sense of smell who begins murdering women in order to preserve their scent in perfume bottles. It makes you question what exactly VIXX is up to in that laboratory!


3. DREAMCATCHER – “Chase Me”

In this spooky music video, a traveler makes the mistake of checking into a haunted hotel that is home to candlelight seances and beautiful lady ghosts.


4. KARD – “You In Me”

This video starts off with the four KARD members paired off as lovers who seem to be experiencing some emotional disconnect in their relationships. The story takes an ominous turn when J.Seph and BM are revealed to be corpses!


5. Sunmi -“Full Moon”

This darkly romantic music video also has a paranormal plot. In it, Sunmi plays a vampire who seduces a victims with her sensual, gothic charms.


6. BLOCK B – “Jackpot”

In this video, the BLOCK B members invite a beautiful woman into their off-kilter carnival, where knives are thrown, guns are drawn, and games are played!


7. Ladies’ Code – “Hate You”

WARNING: This video contains creepy dolls, a cake decorated with Barbie parts, and incredibly gorgeous singers. Ladies Code wear gothic doll-like costumes while singing about a love-hate romance.


8. DREAMCATCHER – “Good Night”

DREAMCATCHER rocks the goth concept so well that we had to put “Good Night” on the list too! This video picks up where “Chase Me” left off. The traveler who stayed at DREAMCATCHER’s dark hotel is now dabbling in black magic he really shouldn’t be dabbling in. Unfortunately, things don’t go according to plan for him.


9. INFINITE – “Bad”

In this fast-paced, claustrophobic music video, the INFINITE members try to escape a wraith-like woman and their own wicked selves.


10. GAIN – “Paradise Lost”

In “Paradise Lost” GAIN gives off sensual, fallen angel vibes, while dancing to a song about a relationship that feels like a fallen paradise. Viewers will never forget the moment when a wave of crawling men washes up behind GAIN.


11. 2NE1 – “It Hurts”

2NE1 goes full gothic this gorgeous, emotional music video about the painful side of love. The members wear lavish, black costumes in a lonely attic lit by black candles and a dusty chandelier.


12. BIGBANG – “Monster”

Like 2NE1, BIGBANG decked themselves out in wild, goth-inspired outfits to bring a theatrical vibe to their love song. In this video, the members dress up as their past inner “monsters” while professing love to their listeners.


13. VIXX  – “Voodoo Doll”

VIXX loves their wicked concepts, and so do their fans! In the “Voodoo Doll”  MV, a twisted woman turns the VIXX members into her own personal voodoo doll collection to do with as she pleases.