13 Times The Staff Was 200% Done With BTS’s Shenanigans

If BTS’s staff didn’t love them, they’d never put up with this nonsense.

1. When Jungkook nearly ruined his stylist’s day

Jungkook really knows how to stress a coordi-noona out! During an episode of American Hustle Life, Jungkook made the mistake of floating around a pool while wearing his outfit for BTS‘s “Boy in Luv” US music video. A stylist told him to get out of the water, reminding him that he did not have other clothes to change into if his got wet!

2. When BTS failed to help J-Hope aboard

In Malaysia, BTS went sailing on a banana boat, but their ride didn’t get off to a smooth start. When J-Hope tried to lower himself onto the banana boat, a staff member shouted at the rest of BTS to help J-Hope out, but they found it way more fun to watch him struggle!

3. When Jimin didn’t think ahead for this shoot

Jimin arrived on the set of his bare-footed shoot with dirty feet! Unfortunately for Jimin, the staff wasn’t about to let it slide.

4. When Bang Si Hyuk put Suga in his place

During an episode of Rookie King, each of member stood on a rooftop and revealed his true feelings during a comical confession segment. Suga called out Big Hit Entertainment‘s CEO, Bang Si Hyuk, also known as “PD-nim”. Suga said that when he joined the company, he was told that he wouldn’t have to learn much choreography and would be focusing on rapping. Obviously, that was not true!

Bang Si Hyuk responded to Suga’s sass by threatening to “improve” the choreography even more!

5When RM broke his prop during a photo shoot

He was only supposed to remove the clip from this prop, but this “God of Destruction” accidentally popped off the entire lid. A staff member had to step in and put it back together before the shoot could continue.

6. When Suga acted “drunk” on set

During filming for the on stage : prologue music video, Suga was supposed to sit next to Jungkook on a dock and look out at the water.

One of his early attempts resulted in a “no good” because, according to the staff, he looked drunk!

7. When V toppled his sculpture during a pottery lesson

BTS cracked up when V accidentally smooshed his sculpture on Run BTS!. The lesson couldn’t continue until he scooped it up off the floor…and everyone else stopped laughing!

8. When RM broke the set during a music video shoot

The “God of Destruction” strikes again! The staff had to put the pay phone back in its place before the shoot could go on. It’s not RM‘s fault though; he just doesn’t know his own strength!

9. When Suga turned “Blood, Sweat, & Tears” into a comedy sketch

Suga kept making the staff laugh during the “Blood, Seat, & Tears” MV shoot when he was supposed to be covering Jin’s eyes. Something about the way he moved just made everybody crack up!

10. When Jimin did this racy dance move during filming

Jimin tried to cover EXID’s “Up and Down” while seated, which resulted in him spreading his legs for the camera. The staff can be seen smiling at Jimin’s totally inappropriate, yet cute, mistake. They’d have to edit it out later!

11. When Jungkook couldn’t take his “attackers” seriously

In the “I NEED U” music video, there is a scene where hooded attackers beat Jungkook up in a dark alley. Jungkook ruined a number of takes by bursting out laughing during the “attack”.

12. When BTS jammed out to Drake’s “Started From the Bottom” during a car ride in Los Angeles

BTS’s impassive driver looked like he was trying his best to tune out the nonsense happening in the backseat.

13. When Jin told his millionth dad joke

The staff has heard so many of Jin‘s lame jokes over the years that they didn’t even pretend to laugh at his “raw duck” pun…until he told them to!


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