13 Of The Top Trios In All Of K-Pop

Sometime three can be a crowd, but it’s the perfect number for these idol-group subunits!

K-Pop is known for having sub-units and 3-member units are especially known for being quite popular. Koreaboo asked fans to vote for their favorite trios, and here are the top 13, as nominated and voted on by our readers:


13. Triple H


12. Odd Eye Circle (LOONA)


11. SHY (Girls’ Generation)


10. School Meal Club (TWICE)


9. Orange Caramel (After School)


8. KRY (Super Junior)


7. Booseoksoon (SEVENTEEN)


6. J-Line (TWICE)


5. 3RACHA (Stray Kids)


4. TTS (Girls’ Generation)


3. CBX (EXO)




1. Rap Line (BTS)