13 Underrated New K-Pop Songs, For When You’re Not Sure What To Listen To

They’re sure to be your new favorites.

1. APRIL‘s “The Blue Bird”

The song is currently sitting at #7 on MCountdown‘s chart. The song is a nice blend of APRIL’s sweet voices and smooth melody that will make you want to keep pressing repeat.



UP10TION is currently sitting at #9 on MCountdown‘s charts with “CANDYLAND”. The song’s strong beat is perfect for an impromptu dance party.


3. CLC‘s “Black Dress”

“Black Dress” came in 8th place on MCountdown‘s charts. The song has also racked up an impressive 5.4 million YouTube views in a month and is a total bop! It’s sure to become your new favorite.


4. Yong Junhyung ft. 10cm‘s “Showers”

While Yong Junhyung is normally associated with HIGHLIGHT, his latest solo release with 10cm is the perfect love song for any occasion. The sweet melody and equally special lyrics will give you all the feels.


5. Giant Pink ft. Kassy‘s “I Don’t Think I Love You”

The smooth rap of Giant Pink and the beautiful voice of Kassy combine together to create an absolutely lovely song. It’s no wonder it’s currently sitting at #6 on MCountdown‘s charts.


6. PENTAGON‘s “Shine”

You’ll want to dance along with PENTAGON’s “Shine”. The song has got a fun beat and unforgettable flow that will have you bopping along long into the night.


7. Golden Child‘s “LADY”

This smooth song is currently at #10 on MCountdown‘s charts. “LADY” is a nice mix of slow jams and more upbeat rhythms that will make you want to listen over and over again.


8. HAON and PULLIK‘s “Little Prince”

This song is currently sitting at #10 on Melon‘s charts. It’s got a head-bobbing beat and an epic rap that prove the song would be great played at a party or really anytime!


9. Nilo‘s “Pass By”

Nilo’s smooth voice mixed with the piano create a sad yet beautiful ballad that has been slowly rising up Melon’s realtime chart..


10. MeloMance‘s “You”

MeloMance sang this song on Sugar Man 2 and after 3 months, it has reached #12 on the Melon charts. MeloMance’s sweet voice and the sad melody blend together into a truly wonderful song.


11. THE BOYZ‘s “Giddy Up”

“Giddy Up” is like is a perfect mixture of ’70s funk, ’90s boy band, and 2018 production. The music video will amaze you, you’ll be grooving to the beat, and you’ll definitely find yourself hitting repeat!


12. Heize ft. Gaeko‘s “Jenga”

This song is currently #5 on the Gaon music chart. “Jenga” will be your new favorite song with its haunting melody and strong rap.


13. Olivia Hye (LOONA) ft. JinSoul‘s “Egoist”

The techno beat, superb singing, and awesome rap will have you whistling along to “Egoist”.