13 Unedited Moments Showing What BLACKPINK’s Jisoo Actually Looks Like IRL

#7 shows off her beautiful smile!

BLACKPINK‘s Jisoo is gorgeous no matter what she’s wearing or styled, including unedited photos and videos taken by fans. Here are some unedited moments that show what she looks like IRL!

1. Jisoo’s look for Dior’s 2023 Paris Fashion Show was legendary.

Her bangs were too cute!

2. She looks so happy on stage!

We are happy to see her there!

3. Her arrival at Dior’s Paris Fashion Week was compared to a rock concert.

So many people were there to see her!


4. Flawless with or without make-up!

Another perk of seeing BLACKPINK in concert is the soundcheck!

5. Her visuals at this fansign event were off the charts!

Fans were lucky enough to be able to meet her!

6. She was the main event at Cartier’s recent Thailand event.

These selfies with actress Kimberly Ann Woltemas are too beautiful!

Jisoo (left) and Kimberly Ann Woltemas | @kimmy_kimberley/Instagram

7. Imagine being able to see her this close!

Attending a BLACKPINK concert should be on everyone’s bucketlist!


8. Her smile and side profile >

Jisoo looks gorgeous from every angle.

9. Signing Things For Fans

Jisoo is always happy to meet fans!

10. She was among many celebrities attending the recent Dior show.

She looked great!

| @eyesmag/Instagram

11. Even in the most simple of outfits…

…Jisoo still shines!

12. No Words

She is jaw-droppingly gorgeous!

13. She is just naturally beautiful.

A natural model!

| Marie Claire


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