13 Unwhitewashed Photos Of ENHYPEN’s Jake That Show What He Looks Like In Real Life

Jake is naturally handsome.

Whitewashing is a common occurrence in photos of K-Pop idols, in both fan-taken pictures and official images. With pale skin being a “standard” of beauty in South Korea, many idols’ true skin tones are hidden behind photoshopped images. Luckily for fans of ENHYPEN’s Jake, there are plenty of images that show off his beautiful, unwhitewashed skin.

Here are some official and fan-taken photos that show off Jake’s natural skin and what he really looks like in real life!

1. All Natural

2. Looking good in official photos.

3. He looks good in a suit!

4. His selfie game is on point, too!



5. His skin is so nice!

6. Seeing him outside really shows off how lovely his skin tone is!

7. His smile is everything!

8. Look at him!