14 Adorable Interactions Between Idols And Their Backup Dancers

Could they be any cuter?

K-Pop idols have a huge team of people working with them and some of those are right up there on stage with them creating a memorable performance for fans everywhere. But it isn’t just the amazing dancing skills that have made many fans fall for K-Pop backup dancers, it’s their sweet and adorable interactions with their idols!


1. BTS Jin’s love attack

No one can resist Jin‘s trademark flying kisses especially not these dancers who were KO-ed by all his love! This incredibly sweet and pure interaction is held near and dear to many ARMYs hearts.


2. The no shoe rule

During one performance of “Bubble Pop”, Hyuna let loose and decided to ditch her heels…


And her dancers shortly followed! Fans are enamored by this cute moment!


3. Shout out to IU

If you didn’t know that IU‘s crew has a ton of fun with the singer then all you have to do is watch the dance practice to “BBIBBI”.


Not only does everyone have smiles on their faces the whole time, but the dance crew joins in on the fanchant for the song! And to top it off, there are some extra bloopers at the end that are incredibly sweet and funny.


4.  Sunmi relay dance

Just because she’s a solo singer doesn’t mean that Sunmi can’t take part in a relay race!


With the help of her crew, she was able to create an iconic masterpiece that was also hilarious!


5. K.Will’s animal house

We’re not sure how K.Will talked everyone into wearing these adorable hats during his performance of “Day 1” but we’re glad he did and that they agreed!


6. This excited show stealer

GFRIEND‘s backup dancer was certainly excited to let loose during one of their performances of “Vacation” so much so that he stole the spotlight for a while!


Although fans couldn’t get over how excited he was, they also loved how he tried so hard to get Yerin to follow him!


7. BTS Jimin’s great love

Jin’s not the only member of BTS that has given lots of love to their backup dancers. This koala-esque moment with Jimin is another fan favorite!


8. IU just can’t stop dancing

When two of IU‘s backup dancers tied the knot, IU gave a performance of “Good Day” for the couple. And as soon as she started singing, the bride and group couldn’t help themselves as they instinctively jumped right into the performance and started dancing in their wedding gown and tux!


The moment went viral online because it was so cute while some fans pointed out it wasn’t the first time that had happened!


9. Seeing double

Red Velvet and their dancers are known to have a pretty amazing relationship so when one of the dancers, Seulki, uploaded this particular pic to her Instagram ReVeluvs fell even further in love!


10. BTOB’s change up

Melodies have noticed that Sungjae and one backup dancer like to mess with each other every time they’re on stage together performing “Only One For Me”.


Each performance is different and some moves have even surprised Sungjae!


11. BIGBANG’s shenanigans

Speaking of idols who like to mess with their dancers, fans have noticed that Daesung likes to prank the dancers during “Bae Bae” performances!


12. Sunmi’s role reversal

If you weren’t already convinced that Sunmi and her crew were extremely close, this iconic “Gashina” performance where her male and female dancers switched roles certainly will. In fact, there were many moments during the performances when everyone had trouble keeping a big grin off their faces.


13. VIXX Leo’s loyal crew

When Leo headed to Weekly Idol to promote “Touch & Sketch” he had to take on the roller coaster challenge with his crew. When he messed up…


His dancers were quick to side with Leo and even begged the hosts to give him one more chance!


14. SEVENTEEN’s chanting dancers

IU’s crew isn’t the only ones who decide to sing right along with the idols. During BSS‘s “Just Do It” the dancers joined DK, Hoshi, Seungkwan in shouting along to the chorus!