14 Most Epic Hairstyles Of Red Velvet Since Debut

The Red Velvet girls nail their hair no matter the look.

Red Velvet are concept queens, and their hair is no exception – it changes to match their mood, look or musical era. Although Joy is the most versatile in terms of drastic hair color and style change, all the girls have experimented with color and style. Check out some of the most epic Red Velvet hairstyles since the girls debuted.


1. Irene’s lovely braid

Irene gave girls all around the world hairstyle envy when she emerged with this beautifully intricate braid. Her flower wreath added the perfect touch.


2. Wendy’s pigtail look

Wendy‘s cute selfie showed off her high pigtail plaits and long dark hair that was styled perfectly with long front bangs. Similar to her iconic “Russian Roulette” hairstyle!


3. Joy’s elegant bob

Joy has had a lot of different hairstyles and colors over the years, so it’s rare to see her more natural brown tone on display. With a simple bob cut styled into half-up half-down and no bangs, her natural beauty shines.


4. Yeri’s cute comfy look

Yeri brought back the little girl look when she wore her long hair curled with small braids intertwined and her bangs clipped back. Doesn’t it just make you say “awww?”


5. Irene’s blue band

Irene’s blonde hair was accentuated with a stylish blue and red band and the plaited ponytail bun completed a unique look.


7. Seulgi’s orange-colored bob with front bangs

Seulgi totally rocked this hot color, and changed up her style with thick front bangs, parted at the side.


8. Joy’s blonde gradient with front bangs

Joy’s shocking color was adventurous, and the long front bangs framed her face, changing it completely.


9. Yeri’s blonde bob

Yeri went for a more mature look with this short cut, and completely shook up her usual style with a side part.


10. Wendy’s red hair with side part

This look was not only an explosion of color, but she changed it up with a long side part rather than front bangs.


11. Seulgi’s “Peek A Boo” locks

Seulgi’s heavily layered style with very short bangs and a middle part is one of her signature looks.


12. Joy’s green explosion

With long curls and a green-dip dye side ponytail, this was one of Joy’s most iconic looks.


13. Irene’s “Bad Boy” Harley Quinn pigtails

Modeled after the Harley Quinn character in the Batman comics, Irene nailed this pigtail look with some signature attitude. Thin front bangs is a great look on Irene!


14. Seulgi’s tight bun

Seulgi’s bangs are longer here, giving her a softer look. Her long messy hairstyle is on point with it’s tight bun and wispy side bangs. She shows us how the casual look is done!

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