14 Most Epic Hairstyles Of TWICE Since Debut

The TWICE members love to change up their looks, and manage to nail each unique hair style!

The TWICE girls love to mix it up when it comes to their hair, and have each sported some creative (and unique) styles. Check out some of the most iconic hairstyles since the group debuted in 2015!


1. Jeongyeon’s pink hair

Fans were shocked to see the usually blonde Jeongyeon sport a bright pink look, which made her look like the angel she really is.


2. “Cheer Up” Sana

Sana‘s frizzy blonde hair was certainly a look!


3. Chaeyoung’s 1950’s style

Part of “What Is Love” promotions, Chaeyoung‘s vintage look is certainly iconic, and elegant!


4. Nayeon’s unique curl up-do

Nayeon has had different colors and experimented with bangs, like her brownish-red curls during the “Signal” era. In the MV, she rocked this unique pigtails look with curls on the top of her head.


5. Tzuyu’s edgy style

Tzuyu, who is known for her simple waves or straight hair with side parting, went for an edgier style when she sported these side braids.


6. Momo’s soft look

Momo is a hair chameleon, having experimented with both short and long and blonde, brunette, blue and black, so this simple honey color combined with the crown braids and bangs is a fresh look.


7. Jeongyeon’s blonde curls

Jeongyeon‘s style in the “Signal” MV was different to her usual straight bob, and she rocked the unique half-up half-down vintage style.


8. Dahyun’s rainbow

Her hair reflected her energetic personality!


9. Jihyo’s stylish perm

Jihyo prefers straight hair and darker colors, but she went for a soft look when she permed her locks and highlighted them blonde. The ponytail with long bangs completed the look.


10. Dahyun’s elegant bun

Dahyun kicked the charm up a notch when she wore this elegant bun with side part.


11. Nayeon’s framing bangs

Nayeon generally has a side part, but this full-fanned fringe paired with curled pigtails and a dark shade also suited her perfectly!


12. Mina’s braids

Mina is seen with her hair down a lot, whether that’s short or long, but she looked super cute in this rare style – side bangs curled to perfection above tight pigtail braids.


13. Sana’s creative beehive

Sana always seems to look like a princess, no matter how unique her hairstyle is! She looked regal in this beehive style.


14. Nayeon’s natural curls

It’s rare to see Nayeon with her natural brown curls.