14 Fun Moments From TXT’s “Cat & Dog” Dance Practice To Brighten Your Day

They’re so full of energy.

TXT released a dance practice video of “Cat & Dog”. It wasn’t just any normal practice. It was the “Appeal Ver.” to show off their cute charms, and here’s the cutest moments sure to make your day.


1. Soobin sending four types of hearts

2. Beomgyu’s surprise attack

3. Yeonjun’s smooth delivery

4. Soobin making himself cringe

5. Ballerina Taehyun gracing you with his spins

6. Hueningkai’s playfully cute yawning

7. Yeonjun taking off his shoe because he can

8. Beomgyu cutely intimidated by Yeonjun

9. Soobin rolling around like a dog

10. Beomgyu’s surprise V pose

11. Taehyun’s energized jumping

12. Yeonjun’s backward walk

13. The cute barking

14. Yeonjun’s “Meow”

To see TXT in all of their adorable glory, check out the video here.