14 Hairstyles EXO’s Chanyeol Has Had That Almost Made Him Go Bald

Thank goodness his hair survived!

Chanyeol has had a lot of dramatic looks over the years, both in terms of coloring and style. From extremely teased locks to bright red and blue dyes, his hair has gone through a lot! He even went viral a couple years ago because of what appeared to be a “bald spot” on the back of his head, though that has seemingly (thankfully!) gone away. Here are 14 of the various styles that Chanyeol has had (and looked great in!).

1. The crimped fluffy (and highly damaging!) style he had for EXO’s “Mama” debut

2. The short-cropped and bandana-styled look he had in “Wolf”

3. The simple reddish-brown look he had for “Growl”

4. The slicked-back, burgundy style he had in “Overdose”

5. The messy ash-brown look he had for “Call Me Baby”

6. The dramatic white-blond style he had in “Love Me Right”

7. The bright cherry red color he had for “Lucky One”

8. The darker, fluffy crimson style he had in “Monster”

9. And then, the faded reddish look he had for “Lotto”

10. The iconic fluffy pink style he had for “Ko Ko Bop”

11. The galaxy-esque blue and lavender look he had for “Power”

12. The stylish, slick silver style he had in “Tempo”

13. When he finally went solid black dye for “Love Shot”

14. And lastly, the bold, dramatic pink style he had for “Obsession”