Here Are 14 Hairstyles That SEVENTEEN’s Jeonghan Has Had, Showing How Drastically They Have Changed

And he has looked gorgeous with every one of them.

Jeonghan is the member of SEVENTEEN that many fans first noticed when getting into the group, due to his stunning long hair back in their rookie days. His androgynous beauty made waves in the K-Pop community, and a lot of fans mourned when he was eventually styled with shorter cuts. However, there’s no doubt that he is still just as gorgeous now as he was then, and has looked stunning with every hairstyle that his stylists have given him! Here’s a look back at 14 different eras in terms of Jeonghan’s hair.

1. His long chestnut-brown hair in “Adore U”

2. His ashy-blond dye job for “Mansae”

3. His dramatic bob cut for “Pretty U”

4. The return of long dark hair for “Very Nice”

5. His even shorter reddish-brown cut for “Boom Boom”

6. His dramatic platinum blond style for “Don’t Wanna Cry”

7. The peachy tones he rocked for “Clap”

8. When he went with a more natural brown for “Thanks” and “Call Call Call!”

9. The return of more reddish tones to his hair for “Oh My!”

10. And then the return of white-blonde for “Getting Closer” and “Home”

11. When he stunned us with a more silvery tone for “Happy Ending”

12. His slightly longer platinum blond style for “Hit”

13. The curls he killed Carats with in “Fear”

14. And most recently, his dark brown short-cropped look for “Fallin’ Flower”