14 Idols Who Encountered Dangerous Incidents At The Airport

Idols and airports just don’t seem to mix!

1. Taeyeon (Girls’ Generation)

In 2017, Taeyeon and Hyoyeon arrived in Jakarta for the Asian Games 2018 Countdown. Taeyeon was quickly mobbed by aggressive fans.


She was so overwhelmed with these fans that she was knocked over when they started to push and shove to get closer to her.


Thankfully, she was able to escape the situation when a local security guard picked her up and took her to safety. She would later post to her Instagram about how dangerous and scary the situation was.

At the Jakarta airport, there were so many people in the crowd as feet and bodies kept getting tangled up with each other. It was a dangerous situation where I fell on the floor shaking and I couldn’t stop crying… And it might not have been intentional, but parts of my body such as my butt and chest kept getting touched, bumped into, or grabbed.

That made me feel embarrassed and I couldn’t get a hold of my senses. Because of that, I couldn’t arrive at Jakarta, where I have not been for a while, with a good image. I am so sorry to the fans who were waiting. Please keep order so nobody gets hurts. I hope that no one gets hurts.

— Taeyeon

Fans were also very upset by the incident when videos of the incident went viral and Taeyeon’s message was posted.


2. Taemin (SHINee)

Taemin encountered a very different situation when he arrived back in Korea. Instead of crowds of fans like Taeyeon dealt with in Jakarta, Taemin had to deal with an aggressive airport security guard who pushed him and prevented him from leaving.


When the clip went viral, fans first speculated that he was stopped because of the crowd that he had gathered.


Although other fans pointed out you can hear the guard telling him that he had entered through a different gate.

Go that way through the back, through the back. Why are you coming into someone else’s airline

 — Security Guard


Regardless of why the guard decided to stop Taemin, fans were outraged at the manner in which he was treated!


3. Wanna One

In 2018, Wanna One was getting ready to leave for Music Bank in Chile. They arrived at Incheon International Airport only to be greeted with hoards of fans and the press. The fans and media were so excited to see the boys that they stampeded into the airport.


The crowd was so large and out of control that they actually ended up breaking the heavy sliding glass doors.


They put so much pressure on the doors that they were actually ripped from their frames!


Luckily, the boys were not hurt in the throng of fans and made their way to Chile where they were once again mobbed by fans. Thankfully, no more incidents occurred for the boys that day.


4. Wanna One #2

Wanna One has had many potentially dangerous encounters with fans. Before the group left for KCON 2017 LA, they headed to Incheon International Airport. Due to excessive fan-crowding they were unable to even enter the airport!


There were videos and pictures that showed fans swarming the airport in order to get a good photograph of the idols.


Instead, the group had to be taken through the VIP entrance for their safety.

Many fans were obviously concerned for their safety but they were able to safely board their plane and headed to KCON LA.


5. GOT7, Wanna One, and NCT

In 2017, all three groups headed to Los Angeles for KCON LA. As soon as they landed in LAX Airport, GOT7 were bombarded with fans and couldn’t safely move through.


JB in particular had a hard time with fans getting up close and personal. He had to have a security guard help him navigate through the tightly packed crowd.

JB wasn’t the only idol to suffer due to the hoards of fans. NCT‘s Doyoung was also pushed around during his arrival.


And, unfortunately, GOT7 and NCT weren’t the only groups to face those crowds. Wanna One had already dealt with hoards of fans when they left for the event but ended up in the middle of this screaming group.


People who were there described the whole event as scary and, based on the footage, it isn’t any wonder why.



In 2017, TVXQ were getting ready to set of to Japan for their scheduled concerts in the country. When they arrived at Gimpo Airport, they were met by throngs of excited fans.


Fans were so desperate to see the idols that they climbed and stood on a television stand. While some accounts of the events say these fans didn’t cause any damage, others pointed out that there was damaged LED TV display.


Luckily the fans were not overly aggressive to the idols and Changmin and Yunho were able to safely board their plane.



VIXX also struggled on their way to KBS Music Bank Chile. As soon as they arrived at their destination, the group was surrounded by hoards of fans who quickly invaded their personal space. The boys were touched and pushed by these fans and tried to move past them quickly.


Unfortunately, security was not as good as it could have been. The crowds were so strong that the boys even had a hard time entering their van!

Luckily, they were able to leave the airport and no one was hurt.


8. Sunggyu (INFINITE)

After finishing up his work for one of the musicals he was working on, Sunggyu was heading off to the airport. But before he could even get to his van he was mobbed by fans.


Luckily, most fans seemed to respect the idol’s personal space and made way for him.


The real problem occurred when Sunggyu finally reached his van. An over-zealous fan tried to get in the car with him. She even was attempting to get into the driver’s seat so who knows what could have happened!


His manager quickly noticed the situation and reacted quickly by pulling her out of the vehicle.


The photos prove just how close she came to entering the vehicle, but thanks to his manager he was able to get away from the fan safely.


9. Highlight (BEAST at the time)

In 2015, BEAST traveled to Hong Kong in preparation for their concert. The airport was packed with over a hundred of their fans who were very excited to see them. As the members left the restricted area, they were immediately surrounded by fans. Although they were being protected by bodyguards, fans were still able to get very close to them and made it difficult for the group to walk to their vehicle. After they successfully left the airport, a bodyguard on duty was found lying unconscious on the ground.

It was speculated that he fainted due to the combination of the frenzied crowd and the high heat of Hong Kong. He later woke up and was found to be in fine health.


10. V (BTS)

On April 16, 2017, BTS’s V and his manager were chased through the airport by screaming sasaeng fans as he arrived at Gimpo Airport. The whole incident was caught on tape in all it’s horrifying glory. V’s manager can also be seen grabbing V as he realized these fans were racing towards him. Considering they were willing to chase him down as he ran, terrified, through the airport, one is forced to wonder what they might have done if they’d actually caught up with him!


11. Peniel and Sungjae (BTOB)

Peniel and Sungjae were in Indonesia to film SBSLaw of the Jungle, but the real jungle turned out to be in the airport itself! When they arrived, an enormous crowd of fans was waiting for them. Security was present to escort them safely but they weren’t prepared for a crowd that size.


Fans were spotted grabbing their faces, pulling on their arms and groping their chests.


Peniel even had a visible outline of a handprint on his arm due to the aggressive fans.


Peniel my have also been further injured thanks to the incident as fans spotted bandages on his shoulder later.


Although the two had quite the horrific experience, they were later spotted with smiles on their faces so the trip wasn’t a complete disaster.


12. Wanna One #3

Wanna One has seen their fair share of mobs at the airport but one encounter they had in Thailand may be one of the worst. The incident occurred when they arrived at Subarnabhumi Airport in Thailand.

As the group attempt to head towards their vans along with their managers, a huge wave of fans can be seen pouring out towards them.


The fans were so extreme that the Wanna One members had to run towards their van for their own safety!


Soon after, their managers noticed a few of the members had gotten trapped in the mass of fans and had to rescue them. Luckily, all of them made it out of the situation and were unharmed.


13. Jackson (GOT7)

Jackson has made a big name for himself in South Korea but he may have even more fans in China. After arriving in Beijing, Jackson was soon overtaken by screaming fans.

The crowd was so thick that Jackson could barely move!


At one point he actually got down on his knees begging the crowd to let him through. Fortunately, a few concerned fans prompted the other fans to give him some room and he was able to leave the airport.



In 2017, TWICE headed off to Vietnam for the filming of JTBC‘s travel show Carefree Travelers. While the show may sound like a nice treat, the girls soon found themselves in a difficult situation when they landed at Da Nang International Airport.


The girls were swarmed by eager fans. Those same fans even reached out and grabbed onto the girls.


Due to a limited amount of security, the girls were continually harassed. Even when they made it outside they were still followed!

Eventually the girls were able to get away from the fans and arrived safely for their filming.

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