14 Idols Who Prove There’s Nothing Sexier Than A Well-Fitting Suit

Time to suit up.

Everyone loves a good casual concept, but nothing really compares to seeing your favorite idol dressed to the nines. There’s just something about a suit that is equal parts stylish and sexy. Many idols have worn the look and have made everyone’s jaws drop, so here are just a few, in no particular order, that have definitely proven how sexy a suit can be.


1. RM (BTS)

RM can pull off a casual or more formal look with ease.


He’s even taken on varying degrees of formal wear with grace.


And the suit and tie look always seems to further highlight his handsomeness!


2. Kang Daniel

Kang Daniel in a suit is incredibly aesthetic.


Red, pinstriped, or something plain, every single style looks so good on him.


And it’s bad for our hearts!


3. Tzuyu (TWICE)

Men aren’t the only ones that can pull off the suited concept and Tzuyu proves that.


If you weren’t already in love with her, seeing her dressed like this certainly would make you.


Of course, all of TWICE look ridiculously amazing dressed up.


4. Sehun (EXO)

EXO‘s maknae looks like he just stepped off a fashion runway any time he wears a suit.


Although to be honest, he’s always got that special look that catches everyone’s eye.


5. Moonbyul (MAMAMOO)

Moonbyul in a suit is the aesthetic you might not have known you needed…


But you definitely do need in your life!


6. Mingyu (SEVENTEEN)

As if Mingyu‘s not already handsome enough, he just had to go and put a suit on!


Image result for mingyu seventeen mansae lockscreen

Those visuals are seriously no joke!


Why does he do this to us all?


7. Chungha

If you’ve never seen Chungha perform in a suit, you’ve been missing out!


She slays the look and will definitely make your heart skip a beat or two!


8. Yeeun (CLC)

CLC‘s “Black Dress” definitely proves that all the girls look absolutely fabulous in formal wear.


But there’s just something about Yeeun that makes it impossible to take your eyes off of her!


9. Bang Yongguk (formerly of B.A.P)

Bang Yongguk + a suit = pure perfection.


He’s got some serious model visuals going on…


And our hearts can’t take it!


10. IU

IU could probably pull off any look with ease and a suit is no different.


Which is why we all love her so much!


She totally slays.


11. Jaehyun (NCT)

Jaehyun is already pretty irresistible…


But ever since the trailers for NCT127‘s comeback have made an appearance…


We just can’t take our eyes off of him!


12. Taemin (SHINee)

Taemin in a suit is beyond incredible.


Seriously, who told him he could look that good?


13. Seulgi (Red Velvet)

How can Seulgi look this amazing?


We really want to know!


Then again, her fellow Red Velvet members look gorgeous af too!


14. Jennie (BLACKPINK)

We’re pretty sure it’s impossible for Jennie not to look sexy.


Since she looks incredible in both casual wear and more formal attire.