14 Idols Who Are Unfairly Criticized As Weak Vocalists, According To Fans

These idols constantly prove their haters wrong!

In K-Pop groups, each member is a valued addition, bringing many different skills from singing to dance to variety! There are some members, however, that get a bad rep about their singing abilities, and are labeled as weak singers compared to other members or vocalists. Here are 14 idols who get unfairly criticized as a weak singer, but actually have great vocals, according to fans!

1. BoA

BoA is a singer who has been criticized for her vocals many times in the past, with people deeming it to be too nasal and “thin”, with not enough technique. She has, however, proven herself to be a good vocalist as many times as she has been criticized, with positive reception following the releases of many of her ballads! Another reason that she’s seen as a subpar vocalists is that her stellar dancing ability often overshadows her pretty singing voice, but the girl can definitely sing!


2. Park Bom

Park Bom has been known for her unique vocal tone and belting abilities ever since her debut, but some critics often criticize her technique as being poor. As 2NE1‘s main vocalist, however, her voice often gave much-needed color and power to their songs, and she holds her own as a soloist quite nicely!


3. LOONA’s Choerry

While not necessarily a weak vocalist, LOONA Choerry‘s vocals sometimes get overshadowed by stronger vocalists in her group, such as Chuu or Haseul. Fans believe that she’s solid lead vocalist material, and her high, light voice is only underrated due to the more powerful vocals in LOONA.


4. BTS’s Jin

As a singer, BTS‘s Jin has improved tremendously over the years, and boasts a wonderful singing voice! Fans also cite his many live performances as proof of his vocal prowess, where he’s not only loud and clear with his singing, but is also an extremely stable vocalist, showing just how much he’s grown in perfecting his craft!


5. TVXQ’s Yunho

TVXQ‘s Yunho was initially assigned only the bass parts in their song, and also started out as mainly a rapper. Throughout his career, Yunho has not only proven his incredible talent in dancing and rapping, but has also tremendously improved his singing, taking killer high notes and achieving stability in live stages with incredible ease!


6. Dreamcatcher’s Handong and Gahyeon

Dreamcatcher‘s Handong and Gahyeon were often criticized for their weaker vocals, but have since shown incredible improvement over the years! Handong has a nice color to her singing, and keeping in kind that Gahyeon is mostly a rapper for the group, she has also shown incredible improvement with her vocal abilities compared to their debut!


7. Red Velvet’s Joy

While she’s definitely one of the stronger vocalists of the group, Red Velvet‘s Joy has a high, light voice characterized by a unique timbre that can come off as weak. Over the years, however, Joy has proven herself a capable vocalist, infusing power into her charismatic vocals! Critics also often tend to overlook her honey-like harmonizing with the rest of the group in all of their tracks, but Joy’s vocals are a force to be reckoned with!


8. BTS’s Jimin

BTS’s Jimin is most known for his incredible dancing, but has been criticized a few times over the past for his vocals as not being up to the mark in a few live stages. He has since, however, shown off his improved vocals in not only better live stages, but also solo tracks and in group songs as well!


9. ITZY’s Lia

As the group’s main vocalist, ITZY‘s Lia is a powerhouse of vocal talents, that often gets overlooked due to ITZY’s songs usually forcing her to sing out of her range. When given the opportunity, however, Lia shows off her nice vocal tone and technique, and proves why she’s the main vocalist!


10. EXO’s Suho

EXO‘s Suho is not a weak singer by any means, but his talents often get overshadowed by the stronger vocalists in his group, like Baekhyun or Chen. He started off as a good vocalist, but over his career, he continues to impress fans with his constantly improving vocal abilities!


11. Red Velvet’s Irene

Red Velvet’s Irene is a strong visual and immensely talented dancer, who has a deeper, and softer singing voice. As the main rapper, she often raps in the group’s songs, but when she sings, fans immediately take notice of her calming, soft tone! She’s a good singer, but her visuals and other talents definitely overshadow her sweet vocals, not to mention the stronger vocal talents in the group do, too.


12. GFRIEND’s Umji

GFRIEND‘s Umji is often criticized as a weak vocalist, but fans believe it is only because GFRIEND’s songs require her to sing in a very high tone, mostly out of her range. They believe that when Umji sings in songs more her style and in her range, she’s an incredibly talented singer you’d love to listen to!


13. TWICE’s Tzuyu

TWICE‘s Tzuyu is another visual member who has been criticized for her vocals in the past. But over the years, she has definitely shown incredible improvement in her abilities, and sings her parts with a light, lilting tone, and always performs with grace and confidence!


14. SHINee’s Minho

SHINee‘s Minho is the group’s visual and main rapper, so for a long time was not very recognized for his singing abilities. As his visuals and other talents overshadowed his vocal abilities, so did the fact that the group was also filled with vocal powerhouses like Jonghyun and Onew. But over the years, Minho has shown that he can definitely hold his own as a singer! He has had multiple solo stages during the group’s tours, and has also showcased his vocals in many of the group’s tracks and solo songs as well!

Source: Reddit