14 Kai And D.O. Moments That Prove “KaiSoo” Won’t Be Going Anywhere

Their friendship is forever!

Every EXO-L knows that EXO‘s Kai and D.O. have one of the best friendships out there and have even earned the nickname “KaiSoo” from fans. And although Kai’s dating news with BLACKPINK’s Jennie’s may be putting a damper on some “KaiSoo” OTPs (that’s a discussion for another day), these moments prove that their friendship isn’t going anywhere.


1.  When Kai was spotted copying his hyung

First D.O. did this…


Then Kai followed suit shortly after!


2. When Kai shared with D.O.

Only true best friends let their friends get away with stealing their food or drinks!


3. All the times D.O. and Kai were spotted teasing each other

Kai has teased his hyung


And D.O. has done it right back!


4. Every single time something like this happens

That smile and laugh!


And with one look, Kai is laughing and D.O. follows shortly after. Yep, true besties!


5. The time Kai comforted D.O.

D.O. was suffering from a bit of a sore throat once and Kai did this to help him feel better.


6. Any time they were synced up


7. When Kai complimented D.O.’s cooking


8. The time D.O. embarrassed kai with his praise


9. Then again there are plenty more times where the two dished out compliments to each other



True friendship indeed!


10. The time Kai revealed what he was going to give D.O. for his birthday

And the answer was love! Just what D.O. had wanted.


11. Or how about the fact that Kai speaks informally with D.O?

While this may have changed over the years, D.O. was the first hyung that Kai actually spoke informally with because they’re so close!


12. The time Kai did this so D.O. would pick him


13. Or when D.O. was caught being an exceptional big brother

Whether it was fixing a mic…


Or Kai’s scarf, D.O. always has Kai’s back!


14. And of course, every single time they join forces to create this amazing dance duo


Let’s just say that Kai + D.O. + dancing…


Is iconic and unforgettable!