14 Korean Celebrities Who Will Graduate From High School In 2018 and Become Adults

The College Scholastic Ability Test (CSAT) is two weeks away, and fans can’t get their attention away from the celebrities writing the CSAT this year.

These are the celebrities who will be writing the CSAT and finally graduating high school.

1. I.O.I Sohye

2. Kim Yoo Jung

3. Kim So Hyun

4. Red Velvet Yeri

5.NCT Mark

6. WannaOne Jihoon

7. Wanna One Woojin

8. TWICE Chaeyoung

9. I.O.I Yoojung

10. I.O.I Kim Doyeon

11. I.O.I Mina

12. AKMU Soohyun

13. Jin Ji Hee

14. Oh MY Girl Arin

Source: Insight