14 Korean Lyrics In K-Pop Songs That Are Often Mistaken For English

How many of these have you misheard?

Misheard lyrics is something that every music fan has trouble with, whether the type of music they like to listen to is in their language or not. In K-Pop, however, there have been many songs where Korean lyrics can easily be misheard as English words! Here are 14 instances of the most commonly misheard lyrics in K-Pop, some of which are quite hilarious.

1. “Baby geogiseo jilleoss-eo” in SF9’s “Now Or Never”

Mistaken as: “Baby don’t be so jealous”

2. “Wonhae manhi manhi” in BTS’s “Blood Sweat & Tears”

Mistaken as: “Wonhae money money”

3. “Era moreugessda” in BIGBANG’s “FXXK IT”

Mistaken as: “And I wanna get down” (which is also included in the song!)

4. “Oh girl, there’s something ’bout your barae barae barae” in Taemin’s “Press Your Number”

Mistaken as: “Oh girl, there’s something ’bout your body, body, body”

5. “Neomu areumdaun, daun, daun, daun view” in SHINee’s “View”

Mistaken as: “Neomu areum down, down, down, down view”

6. “Seotun nal won’t you set me free” in BLACKPINK’s “As If It’s Your Last”

Mistaken as: “So tonight won’t you set me free”

7. “Ppallippalli pihae right, cherry bomb feel it yum” in NCT 127’s “Cherry Bomb”

Mistaken as: “Bullet bullet here, like cherry bomb, feel it yo”

8. “Amugeona seokkeo beorillae OK OK” in Dreamcatcher’s “Black or White”

Mistaken as: “I’m gonna f**k/suck up all the light okay, okay”

9. “Naega neol bichuneun yuilhan spotlight” in MONSTA X’s “Shine Forever”

Mistaken as: “I got a picture of you in the spotlight”

10. “I’m like a bird, naragalge” in SEVENTEEN’s “Highlight”

Mistaken as: “I’m like a bird, not a turkey”

11. “Ripseutik jitge bareugo” in G.Na’s “Banana”

Mistaken as: “Lipstick chicken butter roll”

12. “Ni mamsoke” in EXO’s “Monster”

Mistaken as: “Me, I’m so gay”

13. “I got a boy meotjin, I got a boy chakan” in Girls’ Generation’s “I Got A Boy”

Mistaken as: “I got a boy on my chin, I got a boy chicken”

14. “Isanghage” in TWICE’s “Heart Shaker”

Mistaken as: “Is Sana gay?”

Source: Forum