14 Times G-Dragon Was Funnier Than A Comedian

If G-Dragon didn’t become an idol, he could have been a gag man.

G-Dragon just was discharged from the military, and is slowly re-adjusting to the celebrity life. While we wait for his television return, luckily, the internet exists and it is full of hilarious G-Dragon moments! Here are some of his all-time funniest, to help ease the pain of waiting!


1. When he turned this water competition into a slapstick show


2. When he KO’d himself


3. When he ripped his pants while stretching


4. When he hiked up his bra during this cross-dressing performance…

…with swag! So much swag.


5. When he came up with Daesung’s next greatest hit


6. When he starred as the heroine in BIGBANG’s Secret Garden parody…


7. …and their Coffee Prince one too!


8. When he hopped like this during a show


9. When he made this classic balancing game ten times more entertaining


10. When he dramatically lost this arm wrestling match (on purpose)


11. When he felt up T.O.P’s butt


12. When he was totally honest on Guerilla Date


13. When he messed with Taeyang’s hair


14. When he danced to girl group songs on Weekly Idol