14 Times That Hongjoong Proved He Belongs In The “Demon Line” In ATEEZ

His intense stage presence is unreal

Rookie group ATEEZ is known among fans to have a “demon line”, comprised of members San, Seonghwa, and Hongjoong. These members seem perfectly normal and even cutesy off-stage, but when they get on stage and in the zone, they become a completely different person, all kinds of intense and sometimes even scary. Here are 14 times that leader Hongjoong has proven that he belongs in this appropriately named group.

1. When he seemed to snap his own neck on stage

2. … And did it once again

3. The fact that a video exists that’s literally called “Kim Hongjoon’s guide to raising demons”

4. When he grins manically like this

5. … He’s really got the manic smile down

6. When he seemed legitimately possessed and in need of an exorcism on stage

7. When he grinned wickedly as he grabbed San by his tie and yanked him up

8. Seriously, someone needs to get this man some holy water

9. When he looked like he was straight up coming for your soul

10. The fact he can look this manic even when his style is so normal

11. The fact that he can go from this cute to this intense without a problem

12. When he just can’t keep his tongue in his mouth

13. When he seemed in his natural element during ATEEZ’s Halloween stage

14. And finally, the time that Mingi literally summoned the demon in Hongjoong on camera