14 Times Idols Actually Touched Their Fans That Will Make You Die Of Jealousy

Have you ever been hugged or kissed by your bias? These fans have!

1. When TWICE’s Jihyo fell head over heels for this tiny ONCE.

Jihyo showered this adorable little fan with affection. She absolutely loved him…

Actually, all the member did!


2. When BTS’s Jungkook awkwardly hugged “ARMY”.

In true K-Drama style, Jungkook recited scripted lines then embraced this fan who represented his “girlfriend”, ARMY. Jungkook delivered his lines passionately, but the hug was adorably awkward. Afterward, Jungkook shyly backed away from the fan until he bumped into a stage set.


3. When GOT7’s JB refused to let this fan escape.

Unlike Jungkook, JB isn’t remotely shy about getting up close and personal! When this fan tried to scurry away, JB unleashed his inner macho man. He pressed the fan up against a stage prop and held his face inches from her. The crowd went crazy!


4. When Dara dominated this delighted fanboy.

During 2NE1‘s 2012 New Evolution in Seoul tour, Sandara Park (former member) showed one lucky fan her bold, sexy side.

Both Dara and her fan seemed to enjoy this fun, flirty moment!


5. When Samuel apologized in the sweetest way ever.

While dancing, Samuel accidentally elbowed his fan in the face. To apologize, he held her in an adorable hug. Now that’s what they call a “happy accident”!


6. When TWICE surprised their biggest fan at her school.

TWICE‘s number one fangirl, Jung In Kyeong, will never forget the day that her favourite singers crashed her sixth-grade class!


7. When BIGBANG’s Seungri took this fan on the best movie date ever.

Dinner and a movie? How about dinner and a kiss instead? During a fan meeting in Macau, Seungri brought a fan on stage to watch a romantic movie with him. When the characters kissed, he pointed from the screen to himself and the fan to ask the fan if the two of them should kiss as well. Seungri then made every other fangirl jealous by making his move!


8. When BIGBANG’s Taeyang brought this fan’s romantic fantasies to life.

Before Taeyang was a happily married man, he was one of BIGBANG‘s biggest playboys. Taeyang once brought a fan up on stage for an unforgettable romantic moment.

He serenaded the fan while lying on her lap and inviting her to stroke his face.

As if this wasn’t enough for her poor fangirl heart, Taeyang ended their “date” with a kiss!


9. When BTS’s V played with his fangirl’s hair.

V is always happy to goof around with ARMYs during fan meetings. During this particular meeting, V lovingly teased his fan by messing up her hair. He might have done it all day, if Jin hadn’t stopped him! Before the fan moved on, V smoothed her hair back into place.


10. When GOT7’s Jackson jumped off stage to check on a fan.

When Jackson accidentally hit a fan, he ran over to make sure she was okay. Jackson stared straight into her eyes, while checking her face for injuries. Needless to say, the other fans may have been wishing they’d been hit instead!


11. When all of UP10TION adopted Gyujin’s brother.

During this 2015 fan meeting, UP10TION gave their fans the gift of free hugs. When Gyujin‘s brother appeared in line, it brought tears to Gyujin’s eyes.

After he finished embracing his brother, the other members took turns hugging him too.


12. When WINNER’s Seungyoon held these lucky fans.

When these WINNER fans lined up for hugs, Seungyoon gave them some of the warmest ones ever.


13. When Gain kissed this fanboy’s cheek.

This fanboy asked Gain to slap him, but instead she gave him a cute peck on the cheek!


14. When MONSTA X’s I.M showed this fan his soft side.

When a fan began to cry in front of him, I.M comforted her by touching her hand and looking lovngly into her eyes.

Source: Olympic Channel