14 Times Male Idols Showed Their Regrets After Doing Aegyo

You can almost feel their embarrassment!

Idols either seem to love aegyo or hate it. While it’s easy for some to get their cute on, for others it’s nearly impossible and the thought of acting cutesy brings too much embarrassment. They’ll try their hardest and make fans happy with their adorable acts, but the aegyo seems to take a special toll on them. These male idols in particular showed some serious regrets by trying to act cute for their fans.


1. RM (BTS)

A little bit of dubious aegyo left RM to hang his head in shame and left the other members in peals of laughter!


2. Jeonghan (SEVENTEEN)

*Does spring flower gesture* Wow! He’s so cute!


Even though he does an amazing job, he’s immediately back to reality and seriously regretting it.


3. Woohyun (INFINITE)

Woohyun‘s aegyo may have cased more embarrassment to his members than to himself. Meanwhile, all of his fans think his attempt was adorable!


4. RM (BTS)

Fans: “Just look at those dimples and that sweet smile!”

RM: *laughs in embarrassment*


5. Park Jihoon (Wanna One)

Park Jihoon: “Because you’re the lead character baby!”

*Looks at other members and dies*


*Continues to die and hopes to turn invisible to escape embarrassment*


6. Woozi (SEVENTEEN)

Alright! Woozi’s going to sing “Oppaya”!


*Slowly regrets all life decisions*


7. Hyungwon (MONSTA X)

Hyungwon does cute then has an immediate allergic reaction to it!


8. Dongho (NU’EST)

Dongho does “Shashasha” then gets mad, but everyone seriously thinks it was cute!


9. Jeonghan (SEVENTEEN)

Jeonghan is going to do “Oppaya” too? What did fans do to deserve this? He does an amazing job until he snaps back to reality and hangs his head in shame.


10. Hyungwon (MONSTA X)

Hyungwon vs. aegyo take two! Hyungwon is coming in strong and it looks like he’ll defeat aegyo this time. Oh wait…never mind. Aegyo beats him with an uppercut of shy and he’s knocked out by his own embarrassment!


11. Park Jihoon (Wanna One)

Park Jihoon tries to master aegyo once again only it looks like he’s still a little bashful of his performance.


12. Dongho (NU’EST)

Dongho‘s aegyo skills are on point until he’s ripped back to reality and has to hang his head in shame.


13. Hyungwon (MONSTA X)

Hyungwon tries aegyo once again, but it’s still too embarrassing. This time his knockout is so strong he has to rely on his members to pick him back up and restore his confidence in being cute again.


14. JB (GOT7)

The secondhand embarrassment is strong with this one. Poor Youngjae looks like he’s going to die from laughter and JB just looks so done with life. Although, he actually did a pretty good job!