14 Times MAMAMOO Didn’t Wear An Ounce Of Makeup And Actually Looked Flawless

Seriously, how do you get skin like #6?

MAMAMOO‘s beauty knows no bounds…especially when their visuals are brighter than ever without a speck of makeup. These girls need to drop their glowy, natural skin routines ASAP. Here are 10+ times they left fans drooling and shut haters up at the sight of their stunning bare faces.

1. So this is the minimally made-up face haters tried to come at? Try again.

2. Hwasa’s barefaced selfies are a true blessing in this world.

3. Every time Moonbyul wears a baseball cap and no makeup, a fluffy kitten is born.

4. Natural Wheein is so girlfriend material, it hurts.

5. Solar’s zero makeup face is actually skin goals.

6. Moonbyul casually having the face of an angel without an ounce of makeup.

7. Hwasa with “no makeup” makeup is *chef’s kiss.*

8. We get it, Byul. Your skin is a gift from the Gods.

9. Solar’s visuals shine to the heavens in her natural state.

10. Wheein doesn’t need any makeup to be a true beauty.

11. Is this real-life? Or is this just fantasy? Nope, it’s Solar’s bare face.

12. Can Moonbyul just drop her skincare routine already?

13. Low-quality pictures from an online broadcast of a very high-quality woman.

14. Everyone wants to look this good in a natural selfie like Hwasa.