14 Times Red Velvet’s Seulgi Had The Prettiest Makeup Looks

Seulgi’s makeup looks are top-tier!

Red Velvet‘s Seulgi is a gorgeous idol, and her makeup looks always suit her incredibly well! From natural-looking to more inventive looks, Seulgi can really do it all! Here are 14 makeup looks from Seulgi that are top-tier, and can also serve as makeup inspo for you!

1. This warm brown look is such a mood!


2. This bright-eyed, pink look suits her perfectly!


3. This bold look is pure Seulgi!


4. This smokey look is so pretty on her!


5. This dark lipstick look is perfect for Red Velvet’s “Psycho” era!


6. This bold eyeliner look during their “Russian Roulette” era was such a serve!


7. This “diamond-tear” inspired makeup is top-tier!


8. This dark makeup look is perfect for their unit debut with “Monster”!


9. Seulgi is beautiful with this shiny eye makeup!


10. Such a chic look on her!


11. Seulgi with this natural makeup is so gorgeous!


12. Seulgi with his charismatic dark makeup is so pretty!


13. This light makeup look with grey eyes for the group’s “Ice Cream Cake” comeback is everything!


14. Warm-toned makeup suits Seulgi the best!

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