14 Times BTS Suga Was Savage AF

Suga doesn’t take sh*t from anyone.

1. When Suga dropped his microphone in the middle of his rap performance and smiled, to prove haters are wrong for claiming BTS doesn’t sing live.


2. When his rap performance was nothing but perfect (aka all the time)


3. When he spoke English unexpectedly after RM said the other members don’t speak English


4. When he revealed the hidden meaning of Jimin’s compliment


5. When he revealed his special thing he does backstage


6. When he openly criticized Korean politicians in the song “Am I Wrong”

“We’re all dogs and pigs, we’re so mad we turn into dogs. A war between the big and the small errday. This crazy world yea makes us crazy. Now scream mayday mayday.”

— Suga


7. When his pick up line was “Do you know BTS?”


8. When he decided the word “genius” was the only word needed to describe him


9. When you need a Master Ball to catch Suga rather than an ordinary Pokéball


10. When all he needed was his middle finger to stop RM speaking English so fast


11. When he willfully ignored Jin


12. When he splashed water on J-Hope’s face


13. When he purposely ignored V


14. When he walked away from J-Hope’s aegyo