14 Times TWICE & BLACKPINK Served Equally Stunning Vibes In The Same Outfits

Who wore it best? Both, of course!

Every girl group has their own style, but every once in a while K-Pop fashions overlap. These 14 pairs of matching outfits prove that despite their group’s opposite concepts, the TWICE and BLACKPINK members can pull off anything.

1. Jennie & Nayeon

Jennie’s skirt:

Nayeon’s skirt:

2. Jisoo & Dahyun

Jisoo’s jumpsuit:

Dahyun’s jumpsuit:

3. Lisa & Nayeon

Lisa’s beanie:

Nayeon’s beanie:

4. Jeongyeon & Jisoo

Jeongyeon’s top:

Jisoo’s top:

5. Nayeon & Jennie

Nayeon’s outfit:

Jennie’s outfit:

6. Nayeon & Lisa

Nayeon’s dress:

Lisa’s dress:

7. Jisoo & Jeongyeon

Jisoo’s top (in white):

Jeongyeon’s top (in black):

8. Nayeon & Jennie

Nayeon’s t-shirt:

Jennie’s t-shirt:

9. Jihyo & Jennie

Jihyo’s top:

Jennie’s top:

10. Jennie & Nayeon

Jennie’s skirt:

Nayeon’s skirt:

11. Tzuyu & Rosé

Tzuyu’s top:

Rosé’s top:

12. Nayeon & Jennie

Nayeon’s blouse:

Jennie’s blouse:

13. Jennie & Nayeon

Jennie’s t-shirt:

Nayeon’s t-shirt:

14. Jennie & Nayeon

Jennie’s top:

Nayeon’s top:

Same Fit, Different Vibes