14 Times The Women Of “GIRLS’ GENERATION” Made You Feel Inspired And Powerful

Girls’ Generation has become an inspiration for powerful women around the world ever since their debut.

1. When “Gee” became the 1st single on the Oricon chart in Japan, the first time a non-Japanese girl group entered the top three of the Oricon chart since 1980


2. When a male guest wanted to randomly marry Yoona on a show, and all the members looked out for their sister by refusing his proposal together.


3. When they performed this gorgeous ballad version of “Into the New World” at the first concert since Jessica left. Despite their heartache, they kept singing for their fans and for each other while shaking in tears.


4. When they released “The Boys” a song about daring women who are confident in their sexuality.


5. When Minho was trying to eliminate Sooyoung on “Running Man” and she knew exactly how to stop him.


6. When The Seungil Hope Foundation shared that Seohyun has been secretly donating millions of won to help people with ALS for years.


7. When they became the first girl group to win Artist of the Year in two consecutive years at the Golden Disk Awards and became an inspiration for female artists to follow.


8. When the girls guested on Knowing Brother and took the mighty Heechul down. “We can go around twice and each say one names of his ex-girlfriends.


9. When their debut Japanese studio album became the first album by a foreign girl group to top the Oricon chart.


10. When Sooyoung used her platform to share Park Seungil’s love story and how the trials they faced with his Lou Gehrig’s disease.


11. When Yoona’s aegyo set the standard for aegyo that all idols must do.


12. When they beat Psy and Justin Bieber to win Video of The Year at the 2013 YouTube Music Awards with “I Got A Boy”.


13. When Hyoyeon represented us all while visiting Changmin and Yunho’s wax figurines.


14. When they released “Sailing (0805)” on their ninth anniversary, and Sooyoung wrote the lyrics about the girls’ & fans relationship.

“Even as time goes on, I won’t be shaken. I won’t stop, like the radiant girl that summer. I won’t change, like that unchanging wish, every summer.”

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