Just 14 Unique And Interesting K-Pop Girl Group Fan Tattoos

Are you a dedicated enough fan to get a tattoo for your favorite group?

Tattoos are a huge commitment — once you get one, you’re pretty much stuck with it for life! That’s why, in general, people spend a long time deciding what they want to have permanently drawn on their bodies, usually of something that means a lot to them. For some people, that means K-Pop! These 14 tattoos were inspired by various K-Pop girl groups, ranging from logos to realistic portrayals of idols themselves.

1. This simple but cute TWICE logo-inspired ink

2. This adorable scene from TWICE’s “Cheer Up” music video

3. This straight-up tattoo of Dahyun’s name

4. This sweet TWICE-inspired heart tattoo

5. This tattoo of Girls’ Generation’s name in Hangul

6. This tattoo of all the Girls’ Generation’s members names from years past

7. This iconic tattoo from Girls’ Generation’s “Gee” era

8. This sweet “star sun wind flower” design inspired by MAMAMOO

9. This tattoo of Moonbyul’s signature!

10. This “red moon” taken from a MAMAMOO album

11. This amazing realistic tattoo of Jennie!

12. This simple but elegant design for BLACKPINK

13. This neat tattoo of Lisa’s signature

14. And finally, this realistic rendition of IU that the fan showed to IU herself!