14 Uplifting K-Pop Songs To Help You Get Through A Hard Time

These songs can instantly brighten someone’s mood.

With everything that’s going on in the world, we all need something to help us get through it all. Sometimes, music can be a powerful force that can help bring a moment of healing and uplift people’s spirits in times of despair. Here is a list of K-Pop songs that can bring about hope and happiness for the future!

1. “Spring Day” – BTS

“Spring Day” is a track released in 2016 that touches on loss and that we all must carry on. Although there are many interpretations of the song, BTS leaves it up to the listener.

2. “I” – Taeyeon

“I” was released in 2015 on Taeyeon’s solo album and is a song that expresses her life as a celebrity and how she freed herself from hard times.

3. “Happiness” – Red Velvet

“Happiness” was released in 2014 on Red Velvet’s debut single and is about loving yourself and appreciating the small things in life.

4. “Power” – EXO

“Power” is from EXO’s repacked edition of their fourth studio album. This song was released in 2017 and is about how music can make everyone stronger and unite into one.

5. “Cheer Up” – TWICE

“Cheer Up” was released by TWICE in 2016 from their second EP and is a fun and catchy song that can instantly lift your mood.

6. “Healing” – SEVENTEEN

“Healing” is a song released by SEVENTEEN in 2016 as a surprise gift for their fans. They express their feelings for their fans explaining that their fans are what heals them.

7. “Everythingoes” – RM

“Everythingoes” is a track from BTS RM’s mixtape MONO which was released in 2018.

8. “Smile On My Face” – EXO

“Smile On My Face” was released in 2018 and is a bittersweet song that talks about goodbyes and how we try to act strong in front of them.

9. “I’m Fine Thank You” – Ladies’ Code

“I’m Fine Thank You” is a track from Ladies’ Code’s album from 2013. It is also the title of the RiSe and EunB Memorial Concert that was held in Japan in 2015.

10. “Wind Flower” – MAMAMOO

“Wind Flower” by MAMAMOO is a track that goes through the emotions we feel after a break up and how we wish to move on from those memories.

11. “Gone Days” – Stray Kids

“Gone Days” is a fun song that shows the group making a play on the word “kkondae” which means someone who uses their age to gain superiority.

12. “My Youth” – GOT7’s Jinyoung

“My Youth” is a solo track by GOT7’s Jinyoung from the group’s third full-length studio album

13. “Blueming – IU

“Blueming” is a track from IU’s album released in 2019 and is a song that uses roses to depict the metaphor of love.

14. “Just Dance” – WINNER

“Just Dance” is a track from WINNER’s most recent album and is a fun carefree that song that would be perfect to jam to while driving in the car.

What are some of your favorite uplifting songs from K-Pop?