15+ Ahgase Reactions To GOT7’s New Album Announcement That Prove This Is Already Their Most Iconic Comeback

This is the start of a historic era!

GOT7 is making a triumphant comeback this month. With a new teaser, a new rebrand for the group, new social media and now a release date and a sexy new album name (GOT7), Ahgases couldn’t be more excited about the fact that the long-awaited comeback is finally happening.

Here are 16 relatable Ahgase reactions to the announcement of GOT7’s upcoming self-titled album that prove this is already their most iconic comeback!

1. A self-titled album? That’s so sexy of them

2. Caught in 4K

3. In that moment, we were all Jay Park

4. The stars (and Jay B’s tweets) aligned

5. We all deserve this t-shirt

6. Manifesting all these very necessary things


8. The mood right now

9. When you see it you can’t unsee it…

10. The fact that they did that

11. Looks like it’ll be all GOT7

12. Don’t mind me

13. But can we handle it?

14. Ahgases preparing for the comeback

15. Round of applause for BamBam

16. All hail the kings

Source: Twitter