15 Of The Most Awkward K-Pop Dance Moves That Will Leave YOU Embarrassed For The Idols

Who designed the choreography for these?

K-Pop is known for its amazing and often difficult choreography. Every fan can’t help but be in awe at how incredible their idols look doing the moves, but sometimes there are some unintentionally funny, awkward, or downright questionable moves that fans just can’t help but laugh over! So we present to you just a few of the most iconic ones out there!


1. The fancy footwork in EXO’s “Wolf”

Although it’s not bad choreography, the quick steps in the middle of “Wolf” just don’t seem to go with the rest of the wolf-like choreography and they just end up coming off a little bit strange.


2. This strange part of VIXX’s “Voodoo Doll”

To be fair the guys were using a prop that gave off a completely different effect but had to change it for music shows because it was seen as too violent. Then they ended up with this…err…interesting move.


3. Whatever this is in Chaness’ “SeSeSe”

We honestly don’t know what to describe this as. Out of all the sexy moves that the choreographer could have gone with they went with this one. And there are many, many people who are critical of this move.


4. CROSS GENE’s private dance in “Amazing Bad Lady”

I think we’re all facepalming right about now. This move is probably meant to be sexy but fans have pointed out that the movement of their hands is…umm…super weird. The move even had to be changed when they performed it on music shows.


5. The wafting motion in SISTAR’s “So Cool”

Fans have loving dubbed this one the “fanning away farts” move and unfortunately, once you see it that’s all you’ll ever be able to see!


6. The spread legged move in Girls’ Generation’s “Lion Heart”

Another dance move that just seems so out of place you can’t help but laugh a little. But luckily fans still love it anyway!


7. 2PM’s bootylicious dance in “A.D.T.O.Y”

At the exact moment, the boys are doing this move it strangely sounds like they’re singing “booty-yah.” We know they aren’t, but this is just too big of a coincidence!


8. The claws came out in CROSS GENE’s “La-Di Da-Di”

So all the choreography in “La-Di Da-Di” are supposed to represent different elements of traditional Asain dance and martial arts, but everyone continues to be confused over this certain move.


9. SISTAR’s “Touch My Body” attack move

If you’ve ever watched Attack On Titan and SISTAR‘s “Touch My Body” MV you’ve probably noticed the uncanny similarity of this particular move.


10. The washing your clothes in BTOB’s “Thriller”

“Thriller” has got a couple of dance moves that fans couldn’t help giving nicknames. There’s the mask dance in the middle then there’s the “washing your clothes” move at the beginning. The move was even called that by Defconn and Jung Hyung Don on Weekly Idol.


11. The chest rub in 2PM’s “Again & Again”

Just a little bit of awkward chest rubbing to make your choreography complete!


12. When iKON channeled their inner T-Rex in “B-Day”

Do you see a T-Rex in this move? Because you’re not alone!


13. The happy hop in NCT’s “Cherry Bomb”

We’re not sure what everyone else is calling it but it’s kind of cute for the hardcore feel of the song!


14. The bug stomping move in MYNAME’s “Message”

We’re sure that if there were any bugs underfoot during this choreography they’d definitely not survive that assault.


15. The foot flap in SEVENTEEN’s “Pretty U”

SEVENTEEN‘s got some amazing choreography and whatever they do we’ll always love them but that foot flapping is a little bit on the strange side.