15 Awkward Moments That Just Makes Us Love BTS’s RM Even More

How can we not love him?

It’s a well known fact among ARMYs that BTS‘s RM is truly the ‘god of destruction’. His daily life is full of these awkward little moments, so much so that the members aren’t even shook by it anymore. We’ve all come to accept that this is our Namjoon and that we love him regardless!


1.  Slipper fail

source: bestofme


2. Hole in glove

source: SJ


3. Mic falls out while dancing

source: bestofme


4. He can’t seem to eat a banana in one piece

source: spjm


5. Yet another time the mic falls out on him

source: bestofme


6. The mailbox doesn’t want to open for him


7. Can’t seem to find his own pockets


8. Needs help with his mic part 1


9. Needs help with his mic part 2


10. Needs a bit of help finding his spot


11. Oops I did it again?


12. How come it’s always mine that doesn’t work?


13. Slipping is second nature to RM


14. RM eating a whole fortune cookie without even opening it


15. Typical situation for RM


Here’s a typical conversation about RM by the members

V: Ow! Namjoon hyung stepped on my foot!

J-Hope: Ah yea that’s something that could happen. It’s understandable since it’s Namjoon.


Regardless, we love our smart, cute, and slightly awkward leader!