15+ Beautiful Gifs Of Actor Kang Ha Neul To Celebrate His “Best Actor” Win


Yesterday, actor Kang Ha Neul won the coveted award for “Best Actor” at the 56th Baeksang Arts Awards. What better way to celebrate his incredible win than to appreciate his handsome visuals and top-notch acting skills? Read on to see 15+ times Kang Ha Neul stole the show with his talent and good looks!

1. When he exclaimed in delight

2. When he wiped his face

3. When he looked crushed

4. When he wore glasses

5. When he broke into a grin

6. When he burst out laughing

7. When he was obviously enjoying himself

8. When he smirked

9. When he was drenched

10. When he pouted

11. When he waved

12. When he looked mighty and regal

13. When his emotions were almost palpable

14. When he winked

15. When he adjusted his glasses

16. When he was caught unaware

17. When his eyes spoke volumes