15 Of The Best First Comebacks For K-Pop Groups, Chosen By Fans

Most people just talk about how good or bad a group’s debut is, but what about their first comeback?

When it comes to new groups in K-Pop, most people like to judge a group by their debut, and whether or not it was successful or a flop. Sometimes, however, whether a group had a well-received debut or not, they can change people’s minds or even further their success with a well-made first comeback. Here are 15 of the best first comebacks of K-Pop groups that fans loved!

1. “My Pace” by Stray Kids

Some fans think that this was the song that made people really begin to pay attention to Stray Kids, and is still highly popular among STAYs! Some also believe this is still one of their best albums as well.

2. “Say My Name” by ATEEZ

While this song did take a bit of time to grow on some people, it’s now considered an iconic hit from the rookie group and is absolute gold to ATINYs.

3. “Cheer Up” by TWICE

“Cheer Up” made TWICE go even more viral than their initial debut, especially with Sana‘s iconic “shy shy shy” that every K-Pop fan probably knows about by now! It was hugely popular and even went viral in South Korea and Japan, and helped propel TWICE into being the new “nation’s girl group” that some see them as today.

4. “Tell Me” by Wonder Girls

While just based on style, this might not be fans’ overall favorite song from Wonder Girls, no one can argue that this song wasn’t a huge hit that is still considered a legendary hit to this day that most K-Pop fans have probably heard of.

5. “My First and Last” by NCT Dream

Some K-Pop listeners weren’t the biggest fans of their debut song, “Chewing Gum”, but they can more willingly agree that “My First and Last” was a much more well-rounded hit that appealed to a larger audience!

6. “Secret” by Cosmic Girls

Like “Chewing Gum”, Cosmic Girls’ debut song wasn’t a huge hit to some, but “Secret” helped to introduce fans to the group’s more mystical side that they’re now known and loved for.


There’s a reason “BTD” is on nearly every compilation video you can find of the “best dances in K-Pop” — the “scorpion dance” in the video skyrocketed the group into being known as one of the best in terms of choreography at the time!

8. “Closer” by OH MY GIRL

Between their debut with “Cupid” and their first comeback with “Closer”, OH MY GIRL showed fans what they later began to be known for — their bubbly, lighter songs like the former, and their more ethereal, magical songs like the latter. Both are loved by fans of the group, but “Closer” is still considered one of their biggest masterpieces by many.

9. “HANN” by (G)I-DLE

“Latata” was undoubtedly a huge hit for the group, and very well-received by K-Pop fans. “HANN” was a very successful follow-up to an already popular song, and helped propel (G)I-DLE into the very successful group they are now.

10. “Mansae” by SEVENTEEN

Woozi himself has said that “Mansae” has helped make SEVENTEEN what they are today, and was one of the reasons that the group was considered one of the best rookie groups at the time!

11. “Limitless” by NCT 127

“Firetruck” was a bit of a risky debut song for this NCT sub-unit, although still beloved by a lot of fans. “Limitless” helped NCT 127 really show their dance and performance prowess and is still a huge hit for the group.

12. “I Don’t Care” by 2NE1

This song was a great follow-up to their legendary debut of “Fire”, and even won Song of the Year at the 2009 MAMAs.

13. “Me Gustas Tu” by GFRIEND

GFRIEND had a pretty successful debut with “Glass Bead” for a non-Big 3 girl group, but “Me Gustas Tu” was an absolute hit and still one of their best-known songs and dances to this day.

14. “Runaway” by TXT

As the younger brother group to BTS under BigHit Entertainment, TXT had a huge act to follow. Fortunately, their debut, “Crown”, was very well-received, and “Runaway” was considered by some to be an even stronger comeback!

15. “Butterfly” by LOONA

“Butterfly” was a surprisingly mature song for such a young rookie group, and the choreography to go along with it was nothing short of impressive. This was the song that made a lot of people really begin to pay attention to LOONA.

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