15 Boy Group Stage Outfits That Will Make You Go “What Happened?”

Some of these are daring!

Girl groups aren’t the only ones with outrageous stage outfits. Despite often being limited to the usual pants-shirts combo, stylists have still come up with interesting outfits for boy groups thus far.

Check out some of the best ones below!

1. Taemin’s mummy wraps

2. D.O’s frilly arms

3. SHINee’s strangely cut clothes

4. Wonho’s barely-there clothes

5. MONSTA X’s tattered sweaters

6. Jungkook’s tight, tight jeans

7. Suho’s wild jester outfit

8. Triple H’s neon shirts

9. Jin’s oversized blazer and floral pants

10. MINO’s grey coat and choker combo

11. Jo Kwon’s deliberately outrageous “Animal” outfit

12. Double A’s debut wardrobe (and that half-exposed shirt)

13. SHINee’s daring “Lucifer” clothes and hair

14. NCT’s skirt-belt-cowboy-cropped-sweater-etc. outfit galore

15. And finally, the king of fashion himself, G-Dragon and his red suit