10+ Celebrities Who Showed Support For IU’s Release Of “Eight” Featuring BTS’s Suga

This is the power of IU and Suga.

It looks like fans of IU and BTS‘s Suga weren’t the only one who were excited for the release of their new song “Eight.” After the official release of the track and music video on May 6, many celebrities also showed support for the song through social media. Let’s take a look at some of the celebrities who enjoyed the song!

1. Actress Kang Hanna

2. Singer Paul Kim

3. gugudan’s Sejung

4. gugudan’s Mina

5. Singer Suran

6. DIA’s Yebin

7. Producer EL CAPITXN

EL CAPITXN: “Eight” has been released. Great job to Suga and IU you all did well. Thank you!

IU: Thanks a lot Ee jung!


8. AB6IX

9. Actor Ahn Sang Kyun

10. Soju brand Chamisul

Other celebrities that also supported the release include singer Choi Ye Geun, singer Andup, fromis_9’s Song Hayoung, actor Min Hyo Won, actress Shin Soo Yeon, and more.

As soon as this track released, it topped all major music streaming platform sites, showing the musical power of both Suga and IU. Check out the official music video below.