15 Creepy K-Pop MVs That Will Keep You Up Tonight

These K-Pop MVs aren’t horror, but they are definitely cutting it close…

While many K-Pop music videos have summery, bright, hopeful or cute concepts, there are some artists that push the K-Pop mould by celebrating the creepy and macabre with MVs that are not outright scary, but chilling. Check out some of the creepiest videos that will make you shudder, or even run and hide!


1. VIXX – “Voodoo Doll”

VIXX is known to master the creepy concept, but their “Voodoo Doll” MV is said to be one of the most disturbing, with the members caught in cages and controlled by the woman who has their heart (featuring sewn skin and lots of blood).


2. G-Dragon – Coup D’Etat

G-Dragon is king of weird, creepy and macabre, and this MV showcases his talents to the full, as he rises as if born from clay, chased by faceless women and slays with heavily-lined eyes piercing right into your soul.


3. Cross Gene – “Black Or White”

This may just be the most gruesome K-Pop MV ever, with the members repeatedly attacked and killed – in car accidents, being choked, chased, stabbed, drowned, throat slashed, attacked with a bat and buried alive.


4. SOMA – “Pale Blue”

SOMA‘s “Pale Blue” is a creepy and psychedelic MV that matches the tone of the music perfectly, culminating in her committing suicide in a bathtub.


5. SHINee – “Married To The Music”

This fun monster-mash MV has body parts being stolen, heads literally rolling and Minho‘s flaming charisma getting a bit too hot to handle.


6. Dreamcatcher – “Chase Me”

In “Chase Me”, an investigator arrives in a hotel attempting to find the ghosts haunting the place, only to have the girls torment and haunt him. The MV for their later track, “Good Night”, is a continuation of “Chase Me”, with the same man determined to capture the girls – however, the girls still call the shots in a game of cat and mouse.


7. Song Ji Eun – “Don’t Look At Me Like That”

This song is controversial as the lyrics reflect love between two members of the same sex, different races, different ages, or other possibly prejudiced and stereotyped relationships – and the MV has Song Ji Eun chained and up for slave auction, until the end, when she seems to take her revenge.


8. Sunny Hill – “Pray”

This one is hard for some to watch, featuring a deformed figure who is released from his cage at the beginning of the MV… but like the lyrics say, “I can’t hear the sound of a rescue.


9. Block B – “Jackpot”

Who doesn’t find clowns disturbing? Especially the mannequins at the beginning… and the maniacally fun Block B members.


10. Red Velvet – “Peek-A-Boo”

With a slightly darker concept than “Russian Roulette”, which is also up there as one of the most cheerfully creepy MVs, “Peek-A-Boo” has the Red Velvet members cutely chasing their pizza delivery guy – but their pretty appearance disguises a darker intent.


11. Sunmi – “Full Moon”

In the first few seconds of this video, Sunmi appears in front of a sleeping man in a long white nightdress… and the creepy imagery only continues as the MV goes on, complete with an abandoned amusement park. Watch out for the jump scare!


12. Narsha – “Bi Ri Bba Bba”

Satanic Narsha is tormenting the male lead in this MV, drawing him closer with seduction and dark magic.


13. KARD – “You In Me”

This song is about a love so strong the woman can’t let go – and the MV is only slightly creepy, until you realise the men have been dead the entire time, even when they were being shaved, showered and hugged…


14. Ladies Code – “I Hate You”

Dolls are always eerie, and the girls of Ladies Code seem to enjoy pulling them apart, limb by limb, in this MV.


15. G-Dragon – “She’s Gone”

G-Dragon goes down the serial killer route, complete with killing scene and creepy smile… that could also be remorse? And, well, enough said.