15+ Cutest Gifs Of Yeontan Being Doted On By The BTS Members

It’s his birthday today!

BTS‘s cutest member, Yeontan, is celebrating his birthday today!

In celebration of his birthday, we’ve compiled some of his cutest interactions with his owner, V, and the other BTS members. Check them out below!

1. When V gave him the biggest hug

2. When he walked all over V

3. When Jimin played with his toy

4. When he licked V’s lips…

5. And did it again

6. When Jungkook held him like a baby

7. When V tried to scare him

8. When V pet his lil’ body

9. When Jungkook and V played with him together

10. When J-Hope asked him for a kiss

11. When Jin took a selfie with him

12. When V showered him with affection

13. When J-Hope made him do a wave

14. When V playfully pushed him

15. When V had a photoshoot with him

16. Finally, when V proudly showed him to fans

Happy birthday to our dearest Yeontan!