These 15 Cutest Selfies EXO’s Chanyeol & Baekhyun Ever Took Together Will Make You Squeal In Delight

#10 is… questionable.

If there’s one thing all ChanBaek fans agree on, it’s that EXO‘s Chanyeol and Baekhyun need to post WAY. MORE. SELFIES. That being said, the selfies the two have taken together are unforgettably precious. If these 15 adorable ChanBaek selcas don’t make you squeal in delight, we don’t know what will!

1. They’re prettier than the flowers

2. ChanBaek with a baby… what could be cuter?!

3. *Flick!*

4. Serving looks together from day one

5. What’s scarier—these costumes or the lack of ChanBaek selfies in the world?

6. It’s blurry but we’ll take it

7. Thank god for MCountdown

8. Cool dudes

9. Cute dudes

10. Guess which foot belongs to which member

11. Music shows: saving ChanBaek fans’ lives since forever

12. Strike a pose!

13. That statue is third wheel you wish you could be

14. Most precious ski buddies

15. When it comes to selfies together, these two really are ninjas