15+ Different Genres Of Music That BTS Has Covered To Show Their Versatility

They’re not just a pop and hip-hop group!

Some BTS anti-fans, or even just those that don’t listen to BTS’s music, can be under the impression that the group only creates music in the pop or hip-hop genre. But, as all fans would know, that’s definitely not the case! They’ve covered a wide variety of genres in their time as artists, and these are just some of the styles that they’ve successfully tried out. Here are 15+ different genres that BTS has experimented with, along with some examples for each one!

1. Pop

Example(s): “Boy with Luv”, “Dimple”, “Waste It On Me”

2. EDM

Example(s): “DNA”, “Best of Me”, “So What”

3. Latin Pop

Example(s): “Airplane Pt.2”

4. Funk Rap

Example(s): “Ma City”

5. R&B

Example(s): “Hold Me Tight”, “Singularity” (V)

6. Emo Rock

Example(s): “Fake Love”

7. Urban

Example(s): “I Need U”

8. Hip-Hop

Example(s): “No More Dream”, “Cypher Pt.2” (or and of the Cyphers), “We Are Bulletproof Pt.2”

9. Moombahton Trap

Example(s): “Blood Sweat & Tears”

10. Dance Pop

Example(s): “Just Dance” (J-Hope), “GoGo”

11. Ballad

Example(s): “Awake” (Jin), “Crystal Snow”, “The Truth Untold”

12. Rap

Example(s): “Daechwita” (AGUST D), “Do You” (RM)

13. Country

Example(s): “Am I Wrong”

14. Funk

Example(s): “Look Here”

15. Light Dubstep

Example(s): “Fire”

16. Rock

Example(s): “Danger”, rock versions of “DNA”, “Fake Love”

17. Light Trap

Example(s): “Save Me”