15 Examples Of Why Everyone That Loves Soft Idols Should Stan ATEEZ’s Mingi

Don’t let his tall height and deep rapping fool you!

All of the members of ATEEZ have fun, entertaining, and vastly different personalities, which make them an extremely loveable group. A lot of them have pretty dual personalities as well, with intense and dramatic stage presences while being totally soft and adorable off-stage. Rapper Mingi is a great example of this. While his tall height, deep rapping voice, and bold personality on stage might seem intimidating to some at first, once you get to know him behind the scenes, you’ll quickly learn that he’s just a giant baby that wants to be loved. Here are 15 examples that prove just as much!

1. He’s the softest ball of mochi.

2. He’s just effortlessly cute.

3. Who wouldn’t be soft for this kind of smile?

4. He’s just so lovely and adorable.

5. He’s isn’t afraid to show his emotions, which is so endearing.

6. He looks adorable in literally anything and isn’t afraid to show it.

7. He will always be cute (and San too).

8. If this compilation doesn’t convince you, nothing will.

9. Who else would look this cute just trying to wink?

10. Even his mole is cute!

11. And even his fashion choices are soft.

12. Who knew everyone could use Mingi feeding a giraffe in their life?

13. You know these kinds of smiles are genuine.

14. Just look at this squishy face!

15. Anyway, stan this big adorable baby.