15 “Fake Love” Covers That Are Actually Really, Really Good

BTS has inspired some truly remarkable covers.

BTS‘s “Fake Love” has topped charts, broken records, and instantly became a fan favorite. The song has also inspired a lot of people to show off their creative side by making their own unique covers of the song. And although nothing can compare to the original, these covers by dancers and singers will make you fall in love with a completely different side of “Fake Love”.


1. Super soothing cover by G.O (MBLAQ)

G.O created a completely different feeling song. The words may be the same but with his soothing vocals and slowed down track, the song just seems completely different. His “Fake Love” ballad will give you all the feels!


2. Jazzy “Fake Love” by Sam Tsue, Megan Lee, and KHS

With the addition of some saxophone and flute, this cover seems to put “Fake Love” into a completely different genre of music! The jazzy effects and the vocal harmonization make this version of “Fake Love” a winner! And fans have also been wondering if this cover will inspire V to make his own saxophone cover of the song in the future!


3. (G)I-DLE’s slaying performance

The rookie girl group did a shortened version of BTS’s smash hit at M! Countdown in Taipei. The girls totally rocked their performance and slayed the choreography. (G)I-DLE’s version also had a softer feeling thanks to the girls’ vocals while the rap parts still brought all the fire.


4. Big Marvel’s car cover

The whole cover shows some major creativity. Big Marvel managed to turn his car into an instrument with the track and its sound effects being done completely with his car. Add in a little vocals and you’ve got yourself a very unique and cool cover.


5. Melancholy masterpiece by Smyang Piano

Another cover that showcases a completely different feeling, this song was performed completely with a piano. The classical instrument mixed with a slowed down version gives off a slight melancholy feeling that is just beautiful.


6. EAST2WEST’s daring dance

The popular dance crew impresses once again with “Fake Love”. Their dancing skills speak for themselves.


7. Sweet English cover by Ysabelle

Don’t know enough Korean to sing along to the original? Well, this cover has got you covered! It might not be a direct translation of the song but every feeling from the original is felt in this one. Not to mention the haunting chorus lines and sweet vocals will give you goosebumps.


8. “Bacon Love” by f(x)’s Amber

This might fall more under parody than a cover but “Bacon Love” is just way too cute not to love! Plus you get to see Amber dressed up as a giant piece of bacon!


9. Big Marvel’s chicken choice

Who would have thought that a rubber chicken could sing? Big Marvel once again broke out the creativity for this cover featuring…you guessed it, a rubber chicken!


10. Rockstar performance by Mighty Rockstars

Turns out “Fake Love” totally works as a major rock ballad!


11. Kickbutt Ktigers’ cover

The Ktigers Dongtan students decided to add their impressive martial arts skills to the cover and it’s beyond impressive!


12. Art by Artbeat

Artbeat hit it out of the park with their dance cover and they included a little bonus of some ab action.


13. Dragon Stone’s lovely cover

His rap parts may not bring the fire like BTS’s do but they have their own certain charm. Paired with his outstanding vocals, piano, and drums, this cover holds its own.


14. Daniel Jang’s violin cover

Piano, rubber chicken, and violin! What kind of instrument does “Fake Love” not fit? This violin cover is particularly sweet and the sections that feature the rap lines will surely impress.


15. Hands-on cover

We’re not really sure what to categorize this cover as…dance, maybe? But there’s just something about this video that you can’t take your eyes off of!