15+ Fan Reactions To BTS’s 2nd Week At #1 On Billboard That Every ARMY Can Relate To Right Now

#10 is the best, no doubt!

BTS just made history again with their second week at #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. And, naturally, ARMYs have a lot to say about it. Here are 15+ fan reactions from Twitter that everyone can relate to right now.

1. BTS deserve this after all the good they’ve put out there

2. Of all the songs to achieve this with, “Dynamite” is one of the best

3. Started from the bottom, now they’re here

4. Don’t mind ARMYs… just crying over teamwork…

5. Don’t be surprised if you see this trending at the next awards show

6. There’s no such thing as too much BTS merch

7. This Korean ARMY can’t believe her country’s achievement

8. Now no dream is too big

9. These #1s are ARMYs’ babies

10. Okay, they’re not “fans”, but their reaction takes the cake

11. Even if it’s not what ARMYs expected

12. Seeing BTS share their emotions just touches a special part of everyone’s hearts

13. And it’s enough to make any day perfect

14. It wasn’t easy, but it was worth it

15. That’s the power of a strong fandom

16. And BTS appreciate ARMYs’ hard work so much

17. Must. Keep. Up. The. Good. Work