15 Female Idols Who Sported Short, Blonde Hair And Slayed With Their Iconic Visuals

They seriously own this look!

K-Pop idols are always switching up their looks, and sometimes, they become iconic for them! Here are 15 female idols who sported short, blonde hair, and were instantly praised for how well they pulled it off!

1. Red Velvet’s Wendy


2. TWICE’s Jeongyeon


3. Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon


4. Girls’ Day’s Hyeri




6. TWICE’s Jihyo


7. Red Velvet’s Yeri


8. CLC’s Yeeun


9. MAMAMOO’s Wheein


10. (G)I-DLE’s Soyeon


11. IZ*ONE’s Sakura


12. Girls’ Generation’s Hyoyeon

13. GFRIEND’s Eunha


14. Red Velvet’s Joy


15. AOA’s Yuna